Friday, 16 October 2015

Grecotel Corfu Imperial

We've just returned from a week at the Imperial in Corfu. The hotel sits on a promontory looking out across the water and has the feeling of an ocean liner.
 Inside the sensation continues as the layout resembles that of a cruise ship, with central stairs and lifts flanked by long corridors that access the rooms. Once the room door is opened your eyes are drawn straight to the view from the balcony.
I've just arrived, I'm in my comfortable traveling clothes. You can tell from my face that I'm pleased with the aesthetics of our room.
The sun shines on the balcony from early afternoon until the sun goes down
and the room is tranquil,
with nice little touches.
The view is delightful, 
from early morning

until dark.

Here's a cloud swimming the breaststroke through the sky for Skywatch Friday.
One of the pleasures on this holiday was the daily yoga class
following a path 
to the perfect spot to greet the early morning sun.
There was only the sound of gently lapping waves
and the quiet instructions from our teacher.
Thank you, Barbara, for a wonderful experience.
It was a good place for some gentle qi gong 
while Himself went for a swim.
There he is, rubbing on the suntan lotion!

Then it was time for the serious business of breakfast.

And what a delight - some mornings there was music!
Lovely, mellow jazz improvisations on the sax.
We had a delightful talk with the musician who told us that the Corfu music school is one of the few places in Greece where he is able to study jazz. He had visited London and spent an evening at Ronnie Scott's - cue much nostalgic conversation!
Antony's business card.
Eating was high on the agenda.
plus the odd cocktail.
One early evening there was a knock on our door. Someone had obviously been studying my passport as a waiter stood there with a card and a birthday cake!

What's not to like!
(We kept the cake in the fridge, it took three days to eat it all!)
Mmm, watermelon slices handed round on the beach.

(Six bikinis are NOT too many to take on a one week holiday.)
To counteract all the lazing and eating we swam each day to the diving platform moored in the bay and lay on the warm wooden slats rocking gently.

It was a good week
and we hope to return next year.


  1. Oh you look so tanned and happy. And the color of the water. ohhhh...what a lovely vacation. Happy Belated Birthday. PS Love your Peter Pan collar travelling outfit.

    1. It was a real birthday treat, Connie - sun, sea and spoiling!

  2. I have been to five of the Greek islands and I am sure that they were modeled after heaven.

    What a beautiful place you visited and the resort looks so wonderfully luxurious.

    1. We had a very relaxing time. We had intended to hire a car and explore old haunts but did none of it. Next time!

  3. Fond memories of Corfu.I honeymooned there, and my father spent some time in the monastery recovering as an injured german pilot during the war. The place and area you stayed looks fabulous. Amanda would love the yoga/pilates.

  4. Corfu certainly features rather dramatically in your family histories, Gary! We loved our return visit and have decided that it really is our favourite Greek island.
    The setting for early morning yoga was just perfect. I was amazed that so few, never more than four people ever got out of bed early enough to have such a wonderful experience. One morning it was just me and the teacher. Yes, I'm sure that Amanda would have loved it.