Sunday, 29 December 2013

Just in case

Just in case you feel that you didn't get your fair share of chocolate this Christmas here is a recipe to rectify matters. It's from Delia Smith's Christmas book and is very easy to make and very well-behaved.
The good thing is that apart from the cream the ingredients are all store cupboard items. 
Crush the Amaretti biscuits in a polythene bag
while the chocolate, liquid glucose and rum is melting. (I used 81% Arriba Superieur chocolate from Lidl.)
 Once you've folded in the whipped cream all the work is done!
The recipe says that it serves ten people. Eight of us attacked the torte at lunch on Friday and only managed to eat half of it. It's VERY rich - what size are your portions, Delia?!
It's a good recipe for a NewYear's Eve party - the dieting can start on Jan. 1st!


  1. Oh my! I just printed this one up. Thank you!

    1. I promise you, Connie, it is so simple to make.
      You've heard the saying, 'a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips' ?!