Thursday, 28 November 2013

At Endsleigh

On our last-minute booking at Hotel Endsleigh we were offered a choice of rooms. In the long days of summer I would definitely choose the superb view south looking over the valley with the river below. But at this time of year the shutters get closed at dusk so we opted for a spacious room on the first floor overlooking the bell tower with it's charming chime.
 (It doesn't chime through the night!)
The bathroom has a very practical Edwardian look to it,
supplied with everything that you might need.
It's a cosy, small hotel, which makes you feel as though you are staying in a friend's country house. We were between seasons, the fishing finished, the shooting only just getting under way. The hotel was quiet - good, exactly what we like. For the coming weekend a shooting party would fill the place, but we were a select few and the other occupants were excellent, and fascinating company. (Famous author, writing next book, and a couple from the Foreign Office full of humour and stories!)
Wore my new Italian dress to dinner with it's matching jumper.
Dinner was good!
I chose the venison. (Getting my own back for the deer that did so much damage to our car last year.)
Pistachio parfait to finish - what's not to like!
Afterwards we sat by the log fire with our coffee and chatted to the author. My idea of a perfect evening.
I took a few more photos next morning. They don't do justice to this lovely wallpaper, which is  around a hundred and fifty years old.
I'm well wrapped up, having just come in from a frosty morning walk.
Lovely little inlaid mosaic angels in the table tops
and charming arrangements everywhere.

The house style is to arrange artwork in blocks, which is very effective.
After so much nosing about, time to sit down to the full English!
Then a walk by the river.
Winter ahead!


  1. Winter ahead indeed. And what better way to start it! The place looks gorgeous, and the full English has made me hungry.

    1. Just the place for you, Gary, I'm sure.

  2. Your Hair! It's growing I can see how it gets longer between two postings.

    I for myself have entered the hair-band stage. Such a mess! ;-)

    1. HAIR!! Oh, Paula, you'll notice I took your advice and crammed on a knitted hat. I'm in hairstyle no-man's land with rather a long haul ahead of me before I get anything like the hairstyle that I want. (And then I might not like it!)