Monday, 25 February 2013

Must be mad!

I wore a bikini today - for all of two minutes, in the changing room, to make sure that the fit was alright. IT IS SOOO COLD here in Blighty! Buying a bikini is an act of faith; the sun WILL come out, we SHALL have a summer this year. I had to remove a great many layers of warm winter clothing, unfurl the trusty pashmina that winds four times round my neck, and shiver. No, I haven't photographed today's clothing. I'm tired of layers of jumpers, of trousers, tights, socks, fur-lined boots (whisper it, and vests!) I  long to be lightly clad and carefree, to feel comfortable in my skin. I've got those February blues.
But the bikini has cheered me up a bit because it only cost £5 from Asda!
For Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.

The last time I wore a bikini was in December 2012 when we escaped from MONTHS of rainfall and went on holiday to Cuba, where the weather was delightful!

On occasion we even chose to sit in the shade!
We would have brought the sun back home with us if we could.

But no such luck!


  1. You are brave! It's sooo cold they would have had to give it away for me. It is freeeeezing!!

    1. It's a case of grab it whilst it's there, as quite often I've gone back to the store at a later date and the item that I saw earlier has gone. And £5 is almost a give away!

  2. Replies
    1. Arleen, I am a wimp!
      I loved reading about your wedding on your latest posting but missed seeing a photo of the great day. We were married a month after you and my wedding dress is in a bag under the spare bed!

  3. I live in a warm climate now, but the thought of trying on a bikini in February when I lived in Boston would've been bone-chilling - brava to you for looking ahead to the warmth! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

    1. But you know how fashion is, Patti, in warm weather they will be all sold out!