Friday, 10 February 2012

Pink pearls

Today at Monkey Grass Hill Julia has a give away of the most covetable pink pearl necklace - what a lovely thing to dream about as the snow turns grubby and grey and matches the sky and my mood.
I love pink jewellery. I don't have the happy combination of pink with pearl but I have a number of pieces made from rose quartz and also a pink opal necklace, bought by a daughter while on her travels. I have worn it so often that the other day the string broke and I had to grovel about on my hands and knees to be sure that I had safely found every stone.

I also love a crisp white blouse
and a small package arrived in the post this morning. Inside was a very pretty white cotton blouse from Boden, the mail order catalogue company.

I'm not going to embarrass myself by counting just how many white blouses I possess but I'll say in my defence that I  didn't have one with a Peter Pan collar and scallops until today. 

(Don't think that the above is the full collection, it's the tip of the iceberg!)


  1. Rosemary, I don't believe one can have too many white blouses/shirts. Is the Boden blouse dotted swiss? So pretty! Bonnie

    1. I looked on Julia's post and for a glorious moment thought that you had won the pink necklace! A different Bonnie - what a shame.
      Yes, the blouse material is a lovely, soft dotted Swiss, I'm very pleased with it. The button edge is also scalloped, which is a nice touch if it is ever warm enough to wear with the top button open!

  2. You can never have enough white blouses. I have a wardrobe full too. As for pink pearls - I am busy searching for just that at present - I need a simple pinkish pearl necklace to wear for my big day giving away my God-daughter at her wedding in eight weeks time. I have had no luck finding shoes or necklace yet - Northallerton this week to try there.

  3. Dear Weaver, I hope you have a successful shopping trip. Barkers usually manages to come up trumps with something nice.