Tuesday, 14 February 2012


It's Valentine's Day and the shops are awash with hearts of every description.
I've already got plenty and I suspect that most women have because it is an enduringly popular symbol.
Most of mine are pieces of jewellery, the enamel brooches were made by my friend, Janet Haigh. She is an embroiderer and a great believer in the strength of stitches, so you will understand the meaning of the mended heart below! Do take a look at her blog Janet Haigh her work

The button brooch on the right is by Alice Goldie.

She reuses bygone fabrics and details to make treasured handmade pieces. My brooch combines an old fabric button, gold kid and printed leather.
Inside the brooch box Alice has printed this story.

Fragments of Heritage.                

a button found                                       a treasure is found           
holds together pieces                           cherished                                     
of a garment, of a life                           belongs in a new life                                    
a life with many journeys                   performs its purpose                                              

a button lost                                          a keepsake passed down
tells a story                                            lost and then found
of that which is no longer                    stories and lives entwine
bound together                                     and so the cycle continues

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