Monday, 13 February 2012

Bafta disgrace

We watched the Bafta's last night. 'The Artist' walked away with most of the awards. Jean Dujardin gave his dangerous, wolfish smile whenever the cameras were upon him. He was given the coveted best actor award. Maisie thought it was a disgrace, surely everyone knows that the real star of the film was Uggie the terrier, and he didn't even get a mention! He did all the running, the high drama, the saving of life, and did he get any thanks - it's no wonder that he's chosen to retire from the film industry.

Maisie is aware that he's left a bit of a gap in the market and so she presents her portfolio in the hope of finding some lucrative work. 

Maisie, 9 years old, pedigree smooth fox terrier, 
kennel name, 'Watteau Leading Lady.'

She can dance,
hold poses,
look cute

and snooze for Britain.

Maisie would like all casting directors to know that her speciality is in outdoor adventure roles, with skills in running, chasing, barking and digging.

Still from 'The Great Escape.' 
Any offers?


  1. I know casting directors are preparing offers as I type. Bonnie

  2. She is quite the ham - a natural born actress! Looking so cute!

  3. lolol........Love her! She can be in any of my films anytime!

  4. Dear Bonnie, Shayla and Gary, I think that she is quite wonderful but I'll admit to being a bit biased!