Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I've been for a much needed haircut. I've worn it short and asymmetrical for a number of years, but I think of myself as a long haired female, probably because that's how it was for most of my childhood. It has been up and down and all over the place since then and turned from dark brown to white. My first passport photograph, below, shows how my hair was restrained during the week by plaits and clasps and ribbons, 

and then, at the weekends, left unhindered to tangle at will!

It's been up and down ever since, moving from dark brown to grey from an early age.

I quite fancy buying a long brown wig!


  1. What a beauty you are (and were), Cher. Nick Brain's establishment? That's where H.I. gets hers done. She comes out looking just as glammy as she went in - with exactly the same length hair - but about £120 lighter.

  2. I travel for miles to visit my hairdresser, Tom, and, yes, it is very expensive! But nothing makes you feel worse than having a bad barnet, so whilst my purse is lighter when I leave the shop, so is my heart.

  3. No mater the style or the color, you are beautiful!

  4. No - not when it is as beautifully white as yours is - mine is naturally pepper and salt, so I have to have it coloured.

  5. hi rosemary,

    so let me ask, did you ever color your hair? did it just slowly turn the lovely salt and pepper color? and then how long from s&p to the current silvery white or is it just white?

    the pics of you as a child are absolutely adorable. you look so free spirited and happy.

  6. Dear Janet, I've never coloured my hair. I was thirty-six years old when the salt and pepper photo was taken. The hair at the back of my head stayed dark for far longer then the front but I was pretty much all white by the time I reached my fifties. I am quite happy with it, but just sometimes would love to be other than a white, short-haired woman. Both my daughters have long, dark brown hair.

  7. Hi Rosemary, we have the same hair-genes. Age 38 I dyed my hair for the first time. Being a natural brunette who started turning grey around 30, I decided to have fun and went blonde.

    I thought: if I have to go through the process of dyeing the roots every 6 weeks, why not go for something new?

    So far, no regrets!