Monday, 10 June 2019

Visible Monday. Holiday clothes.

I've got a box under the bed that holds my holiday clothes; flight socks, beach shoes, bikinis, beach wraps and tops, all items that have no use in my daily life at home. It means that my holiday clothing is pretty repetitive and lasts for years. (Not the bikinis, they never seem to last for long, the fabric  gives up the ghost after a couple of seasons.)  Last week we left a cold, wet England for a burst of sunshine in Rhodes. I love the colour purple, so on it all goes for my holidays! A Gap dress, skinny M&S cardi and cotton fair trade sunhat.

Purple wrap and bikini when heading down to the beach.

At home I only ever wear shorts for working in the garden, beaten-up old navy or denim ones, so these white M&S ones come from the under bed box, along with the white fair trade cotton hat.
I usually wear this linen top with white pants, but, phew, it was hot, so I wore it on its own.
We were staying near to Lindos and caught the bus into town to have a wander around. All covered up so that I could go into the lovely church. I've just calculated that these light cotton trousers must be over thirty years old!

The only items that I packed that I wear regularly at home were a couple of dresses from Hobbs, very simple , go anywhere dresses in poly-cotton that come out of the case looking uncrushed.

Joining up with Patti at not dead yet style 
who knows all about dressing for hot weather!


  1. Replies
    1. Hey, Tom, I'm the person who manages to pack everything into an in-flight bag. Himself has problems, big shoes and so forth, along with stuff he never gets round to wearing, so he gets to pack the suncream.

  2. You look beautiful, Rosemary and that purple outfit is outstanding.

    I got to go to Rhodes once. It is nice to see that beauty again in your pictures.

    1. Glorious sunshine! I've taken photos of Lindos and the hotel which I shall post.