Wednesday, 19 July 2017

St Swithin's Day

We were married on St Swithin's Day - fifty years ago! After the ceremony and celebration meal we had held a dance at Bolton Castle in the Yorkshire Dales, a semi-ruinous pile where Mary, Queen of Scots had once been imprisoned.
We thought we should hold another dance to celebrate our  Golden Wedding last Saturday and hired the village hall. We asked friends who play in a seven piece swing/jazz band if they would provide the dance music for us.  I spent a busy week preparing food for fifty people. How much would I need? Had I bought sufficient drink? Not a clue. 
Singer and drummer confer before the start.

Friends and family arrive.

It was a happy occasion.

We had the first dance.

The band members gave it their all.
Then everyone was up on their feet.

Just what is Alban telling them?!
Drum roll
and Himself gives a speech.
(That's when I remember that I brought my camera and take my only photo of the evening - out of focus!)
We had a lovely time. The band was terrific. A big thank you to everyone who made it such a happy occasion.

A lovely bouquet from June.
On Sunday we ate some of the leftovers!


  1. Congratulations! By the big smile on your face, I can see what a wonderful time you had.

    We celebrated our 50th last month, however, it was a surprise party, and I was not prepared. If I had a hint, I would have dressed better. It was just wonderful though, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

    It is important to make note of these occasions and to congratulate ourselves for keeping the promises we made so many years ago. Marriage is not easy, but we weathered the many storms and found joy in the sunshine.

    1. Ooh, surprise parties, they can be dodgy! We went to one where the wife had got the wrong year and that certainly surprised the birthday boy! The following year just the four of us celebrated his big 'O' birthday very quietly.
      We had been to so many funerals in the last couple of years that, like you, we felt it important to meet up with family and friends for a happy occasion.
      Fifty years of laughter being married to Himself!

  2. What a celebration that was. I thought I was married the longest - 45 years - you've bested me. What a neat place too. Time flies.

    1. The venue was the small village hall just down the road, an unpretentious affair. This time around I kept my shoes on my feet all evening and we didn't have to sneak away while everyone ate supper to avoid getting the car, and ourselves, 'decorated'!
      (Child bride, of course, Donna!)

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