Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Cider with Rosie

At the weekend our book group went to Slad, the village where Laurie Lee lived and that he wrote of in the book about his childhood, 'Cider with Rosie'. We were there to discuss the follow-on, 'As I walked Out One Midsummer Morning,' when he leaves home for the first time and travels to Spain.
First of all we  walked around the village. This is the house where he lived. His family occupied the righthand side of the house while the two grannies, 'Er-Down Under' and 'Er-Up-Atop' lived in the T-shaped section.
Er-Up-Atop and Er-Down-Under.
Illustration copyright Rosemary Murphy.
This is the first page of, 'As I Walked Out..' where he describes his mother standing at the top of the bank watching him go.

And here is the path that he took.
The village houses are arranged, higgledy-piggledy, on the sides of the valley.

They are built from an attractive cream-coloured stone of irregular size.

The church is next to the village two-room school where Laurie started his education
and just across from his regular pub, The Woolpack.
His tombstone
with one of his poems on the reverse.
His memorial window in the church.
Then we went to the Woolpack to discuss the book and have a meal. Steve sat In Laurie Lee's favourite spot by the window. 

I forgot to order cider!


  1. I had never heard of him until Pat, The Weaver Of Grass, suggested I read CIDER WITH ROSIE. I liked the book and didn't know of the other one. Guess I will have to order it from Amazon. Thank you for posting about him. I guess he is famous across the pond.

  2. Yes, he is a well-known writer here, his 'Cider..' book is well regarded. (However his private life didn't quite match up to the image of himself that he presented!)

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