Monday, 23 January 2017

Visible Monday - well wrapped up.

Today was somewhat more visible than usual for we were out to lunch with friends to celebrate Himself's birthday. After a murky start to the day the sun eventually broke through. We are lucky to have a good place to eat in the village where we live and arrived on the dot of one in time to greet our friends.
Although the sun was shining it was cold and we were well wrapped up for the short walk up the hill, woollen jumper under woollen dress, tights, boots, big pink pashmina, warm coat. Yup, that's winter in Blighty folks! (This is a grey coat, the camera is playing tricks with the colour. And I'm not going to get a haircut until the weather warms up!))
We had a lovely time, lots of chat, good food.
I had fish stew.
Himself had presents.                       
A long, long skinny scarf from me with fox terriers decorating each end to remind us of much missed Bella and Maisie. From our friends a fancy shirt and a card, staying with the dog theme, of one of Steve's paintings, 'Swimming Dog.'
Here is my outfit to share with Visible Monday.
Cowl neck wool jumper from Jaeger
wool dress from Hobbs
boots so old I can't remember where they are from!
I looked in my 2016 diary to calculate how much money I'd spent on clothing throughout the year. I'd started out last January with the intention of buying as little as possible and told myself that for any item I bought I would give away an existing piece. I'm pleased with the result. I spent a total of £138. Each item was a sale purchase and included a sun hat, suede flats, crops, a funnel neck jumper and a chambray dress. If something irresistible comes along this year then I shan't feel too guilty about buying it!


  1. Gorgeous in pink! I think you were a thrifty shopper last year and always looking great. You don't have to spend a lot to be stylish. xox


    1. I have the same intentions for this year, Patti, give or take a little!

  2. You look lovely and you certainly did well with your budget. I also believe that anything I bring into the house means something must go, I just don't always do it.

    1. I'm feeling very smug about last year's purchases. The full price of the chambray dress was £135 and I bought it for £35, a price difference to gladden the heart! It's our fiftieth wedding anniversary in the summer so I won't feel too bad if I see a super dress to splurge some money on!