Monday, 29 February 2016


I've just been over to see what joyful Melanie of bag and a beret fame is up to, she always cheers me up and delights me. But, guess what, the frumpy style police have given her a drubbing. What! How dare they! Don't they know that fun and fashion belong together? What a lot of piffle they talk. I'm thinking of starting a title,  STYLE OVER SEVENTY. I've put in the years, I'm all fired up, 
I'll put on my rose-tinted spectacles
 and wear WHATEVER-THE-HELL I like!
I so enjoy the colour of the coat that a daughter bought me for Christmas that when I saw these reading glasses I had to buy them.
The frames were very inexpensive, but the prescription lenses, which I need in order to see anything at all, were eye-wateringly expensive -  such are the trials of seeking a rose-tinted life!
I offer the dvd of Iris as a suitable response to the style police with their belittling and ignorant remarks about exuberant dressing and intelligence.
Her specs are far bigger than mine!

I'm a rather plain dresser myself but it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy creativity and a bit of dottiness in others. I wear a lot of black, white and grey. This Wallis dress is about thirty years old - I hope it never wears out!
I've commented before on bloggers whom I consider young and their concerns about wrinkles, age-appropriate dressing and so forth. There are better things to bother about. Aim to be healthy and happy and then, dear ladies, you will be beautiful!
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  1. Yes, yes! To hot pink and funky boots at any age. You look fabulous, love those new glasses. Thanks for linking up, xo


  2. Absolutely! Live your most colorful life and you will be surrounded by smiles and love. Drab gets drab, and that's not for you or me.

  3. The specs are fan-freaking-tastic. "I can see clearly now..." - how much they cost?!

    They weren't picking on me specifically, but that's the trouble with generalizations. I'm sure they HATE Iris.
    If some day the magazine came true, you'd have to head up the over-70 section.
    Thank you so much for your support. You're a schtar!

  4. You look beautiful and comfortable in your Wallis dress. I have a cape I've been wearing since 1972. It never goes out of style and I love the way I feel in it. Here's to years!

  5. You look beautiful! I don't choose to dress like Iris, but she is fantastic! And so chic in her over-the-top way!

  6. In my effusive American way... I LOVE YOU!! Melanie is one of my favorite bloggers and I've had the privilege of spending time with her. We talked nonstop, and she's brilliant, intensely caring, and surprising shy, in the most delightful way.

    I love your shocking pink coat and glasses, as well as your serene black/grey/white palette. I vacillate constantly, loving it all in a magpie sort of way. You are lovely and I like your take on all this style nonsense. I just know I like to sew and play dress up, which is more fun with friends. XXOO