Sunday, 20 September 2015

Folk Art

There's a room dedicated to folk art at the American Museum and it's full of covetable things.
I especially like the paintings.

All the objects have an engaging vigour to them.

This small bas-relief carving was tucked away in the corner of the room and rather hard to see, but well worth the effort of standing on tiptoe and craning my neck to get a better look.
The museum is famous for it's permanent collection ofAmerican quilts and they must have inspired countless women, including myself, to take up patchwork  and/or quilting. On this trip I didn't visit this collection in the main part of the house but saw a small display of period English quilts with accompanying information about the maker. Loved the instruction, not to be used on the maid's bed!

It's a lovely place for a day out.
(And the cafe is good!)


  1. I love folk art museums mainly because there is so much art made by women. Thank you for including the descriptions. Some interesting facts. How unfortunate that the maids had to make do with ratty old blankets.