Monday, 4 May 2015


The streets of Padstow were awash with flags. 

What was it all about?
Every street was draped with them.

Then we saw a poster in a window.
The old 'obby  oss was due to gallop through the streets for the May Day celebrations!
And we were a day too soon.

We had a wander around
looking at this lovely old house by the harbour

before setting off to stay overnight with friends.
We arrived just before sunset.
Perfect timing.
In the morning the view from their balcony tempted us onto the beach.
The remains of this old boat look rather like dinosaur bones.

Two young boys were swimming in the sea. So were their towels, shoes and clothes because they'd left them too close to the incoming tide. We ran to gather the soaking items and put them higher-up the beach. The youngsters were unconcerned. The cold wind and water had turned their skin to the colour of boiled lobsters but they were having a wonderful time!
We went for a warm-up to the Tai restaurant.
What's not to like!
We were hallooed  from a balcony by our friends' neighbour and invited up to see her flat
which was full of delightful things.
We had a lovely time. 

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