Sunday, 3 May 2015


There is always something new to discover when you are just pootling about, taking your time. In Marazion this plaque on the wall told us a surprising bit of history. (Although I do note that it says, 'reputed'!)
The town has a mish-mash of architecture, from Victorian grand
to simple seaside cottage.
We left for Penzance where the sun was still shining, but, oh, what a biting wind! Lunch at the Honey Pot  sustained us - spinach lasagne for me but Himself was in need of meat!
The gardens are luxuriant in this part of the country.

A pooch came to check me out when I photographed his garden.
Rhododendron petals were covering the ground like confetti.

After lunch we crossed to the Atlantic coast to check into another hotel for a couple of nights.

It sits above a beautiful beach 
 but it was far too cold to contemplate even putting my toes in the water.
From Carbis Bay it's a pleasant walk into St Ives.

The tapas bar overlooking Porthmeor Beach is a great place to sit and watch the waves rolling in.
Especially so because the outside bays have wall heaters and blankets - and the tapas is delicious!
At Porthminster Beach Cafe I photographed this cupboard - everyone around this neck-of-the-woods is an artist - cafe owners,

farmers, you name it!
The whole area appears to have been renamed, 'Poldark Country' since the appearance of the dashing Mr Aidan Turner.
 Although he has strong competition for attention from the dramatic countryside.
The old houses and outbuildings are certainly built to withstand the elements.


  1. Thanks for the gorgeous travelogue. I'd love to get there someday, but Cornwall is a fur piece (as we say) from Texas.

    1. 'Fur piece' - far place? That's how Texas seems to me, Michelle! There are a great many places in the world that I shall only ever know via Blogland.

  2. So many enchanting places. I'm surprised that the sea is a colour that I associate with the tropics. Stunning. It looks like you have been having a wonderful holiday. The history is astounding.

    1. Yes, the colour of the sea is a beautiful turquoise in those bays where the sand is pale. I love sea swimming but it was far too early in the year to tempt me in. There is certainly loads of history in Britain, even if some of it is 'reputed'!

  3. Wonderful - this HAS to be the year we go to Cornwall.