Sunday, 1 February 2015

Fashion on the 1st

Over on Share my Garden I've been drooling about unaffordable wallpaper and remembering a lovely trip to Charleston. A back copy of Harper's Bazaar featured some equally unaffordable and utterly delicious clothing, photographed by Tom Allen with the Charleston interiors as a backdrop. What fabulous images they are! I love the way that the clothing works with the setting.
And how I would love the dress that's peeking out beneath that awesome coat!
Silk georgette by Burberry Prorsum. (A snip at £1,295!)
Aren't they fabulous photos!
Flowers and patterns seem to be shaping up strongly in the fashion stakes for the coming year but there's dearth of such things in my wardrobe.
It's the first of the month so what am I wearing? It's cold out so I'm layered up. (There's a cosy vest on underneath this outfit!)The Boden linen skirt was found in a charity shop by a friend who thought that I would like it - she was right! You've heard of Second-hand Rose? That's me, because I'm wearing a Mulberry blouse that the same friend passed on to me because she had tired of wearing it! And it doesn't stop there because the M&S cashmere cardi is a hand-me down from a daughter, as is the leather belt.
The rose quartz necklace was bought by me, however. It has been re-strung three times now and I'm hoping that it will be a case of third time lucky and that I won't have to go grovelling on the floor to retrieve rolling beads ever again!


  1. Those photos really are very nice. I'm loving all of these paintery prints. You look quite lovely in your second hands. I take a lot of my daughters cast off clothing. I call them "hand-me-overs."

  2. I suppose I could describe some of my clothes as 'hand -me rounds' as they move round between both daughters and self. It leads to bizarre conversations on the lines of 'have you got the top that goes with these bottoms?'

  3. Lovely photos - and I couldn't resist pinning the Charleston ones onto my "Bloomsbury Inspiration" Pinterest page. Thank you!

    1. Have you visited Charleston, Nilly? It just feels like home!