Monday, 12 January 2015

La Belle France

Paris, the beautiful city, remains just that after my television viewing of last night. The cameras showed streets filled with people making their commitment to freedom and humanity and a stand against any divisions brought about by colour or creed. What a sight! Policemen stood as sentinels on the rooftops and were greeted with cheers and chants of appreciation. There were enough people on the Unity March to represent every single Parisian. Flags of all nations were waved, politicians of all persuasions walked arm in arm. Let us be hopeful.

My two holiday makers, on their jolly in Paris, however inappropriately timed, had a good time. They stayed in the hotel used by Woody Allen in his film, 'Midnight in Paris'. I received this information when I collected Himself from the station in Bath on his return and felt rather envious - I love that film. Never mind, he brought home his hotel goody bag for me to rifle through!
Trivial - moi? You bet!
Today is not a day for going out, it's cold, wet and windy. I'm dressed for comfort and warmth. Lilac shirt from Boden, lilac cashmere jumper from Lands' End, purple velvet waistcoat also from Boden.
It fits closely to the body, just the thing for days like these and it has a nice grey-striped fabric back.
My friend Janet Haigh, the owner of Heartspace, made the enamel and bead brooch that is pinned at the neck.
For Patti's Visible Monday.


  1. Oh I love a goodie bag too, from anywhere! Lovely color mix, and the brooch is so pretty. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  2. I love the Bristol - think it is a lovely hotel. I am sure they have their own experiences of Paris during this odd time. Glad they are back at home safe! Love your accessories too.

  3. Oooh, a goodie bag! How wonderful!
    I can almost feel the softness of that pastel cashmere sweater and velvet waistcoat, and the pin your friend made is beautiful.

  4. Love the pin and I am all for a swag bag!

  5. You look lovely in your dressed for comfort outfit. It is cold and miserable here with some ice on the roads, so staying indoors is the only option. My dressed for comfort outfit always involves black yoga pants.

  6. Rosemary, It was planned, I was to celebrate my most recent birthday in Paris, but a grandbaby came along. I'm good with the change of plans. A friend ask me if I would still go to reply? Absolutely. You are always look fabulous! I hope your new year is going well! Bonnie

  7. Beautiful brooch! What happened in Paris I have no words for. Things are so complicated today with access to western cultures that Middle Easterns do not understand. Freedom of speech is such a Western and democratic freedom!
    Anyways, am glad I discovered you blog!

  8. How beautiful you look in these colors and textures and your lovely brooch. So finished and polished and lovely!