Thursday, 1 January 2015

Fashion on the 1st.

I'm planning to record whatever I happen to be wearing on the first of every month of this year. The first photo is what I arrived home in at three o'clock in the morning after a lovely start to the NewYear in the company of neighbours, food, drink and dancing.
Light and warm Oska coat. (Big brother calls it my duvet.)
I wore my favourite wool jumper from Bella Freud over a Jil Sander dress
with a black net petticoat to create a little more length to the skirt - but mostly because I just love net petticoats!
On New Year's Day we went to a friend's studio
I wore black velvet pants and white blouse from Uniqlo with a warm purple cashmere cardi from Jigsaw, all old and comfortable clothes.
The blouse is rather cleverly constructed with a detachable central panel giving you two styles in one.
It's the very devil to iron!


  1. you look stylish all the time let alone on the first! Wishing you a very happy happy new year!

    1. Panda eyes by the time we got home on New Year's Day - I was ready for an early night! And a very happy, happy to you too, Coulda!

  2. Oh, I wish I had a duvet coat as well, so toasty warm, and stylish! Your blouse is striking, and I last photo of you is art. Happy new year.

    1. I'd put that coat down as one of my best ever buys, very light, very warm and just a little bit funky.
      The new portrait of me is on the wall in the last photo, the one that I wrote about in my objects blog, finally finished and collected after three or so years!

  3. That shirt is Amazing but Ahrgh, a beast to iron!x