Thursday, 27 November 2014


Soggy, dull, damp, dreary weather, that's how it was yesterday and it's the same again today!
I know that Patti is longing to get out of summer shoes and start wearing her boots, but spare a thought for us poor souls who live in Blighty and need to wear the blasted things for half the year!
Today I cast my black and white vote  with Mis Papelicos in favour of Kezzie. The photos of her outfit were small but even so the BIG stripes of her dress stood out and her story about the photo shoot made me laugh. I can imagine all the party going on in another room while Kezzie's mum is obligingly taking photos and sneaking in a shot that she's not supposed to. MUM!!
Mothers of daughters - we are all the same!


  1. Oh wow, you drew me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is sooooo cool!!!!! Thank you very much for my vote, that is so kind! I didn't any votes last time so this is really cool and nice!
    Please, please can I take a copy of this picture- I wanted to do a happy blog of things that made me happy and this did!!! (You are really good at drawing!!!)
    Bizarrely, your handwriting looks EXACTLY like my husband's!
    I like your coat, it's really nice and a good length- I've been feeling the deficit of length in the coats I've been wearing for school this week, not good!x

    1. Yes, of course, do use the doodle, I'm glad you like it. Your post made me happy, so I'm glad to reciprocate.
      The coat is a mac with a quilted lining and is a hand-me-down from my elder daughter. She has had many 'Mum!!" moments, with many more to come, I don't doubt!