Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Second-hand Rose

I know that I've had some very kind comments about my hair since my trusty hairdresser retired but the fact of the matter is that it's driving me mad. I keep chopping at the fringe with my craft scissors but to do something about the back is beyond my capabilities. So tomorrow I'm going into town to be sorted out. I went there yesterday and asked for some advice. "We'll get rid of the ponytail bit at the back," said the stylist.  I explained that I am trying to grow my hair long but would like to be able to do so with a bit of style. Let's see what tomorrow will bring!
All the clothes that I'm wearing today are daughters' hand-me-downs, blouse, cardi and an ancient denim pinafore dress. It was the same story yesterday, a hand-me-down blouse from my friend, Janet,
 who made the fabric and enamel brooch that is pinned to the collar.
 I'm a bit of a bib and braces girl.


  1. I looooove me a pinafore dress! So cute. Isn't crazy how our hair can really rule our days? You look beautiful as always.

    1. I think you can happily wear anything if your hair feels right. It will be gloom or delight later today!

  2. Oh please! Tell me where to find a pinafore dress like yours - I love it! I have a soft spot for baggy dungarees, but they are so annoying sometimes (I'm sure you know when!) This pinafore has the style without the awkwardness.

  3. I had a jumpsuit that buttoned right up it's funnel collar to underneath my chin. (I'm talking the '60's here!) I thought that I looked like the dog's b...... and the cat's pajamas in it but soon discovered that it wasn't the outfit to wear for a full day out!
    I think the pinafore dress was bought at New Look - about a quarter of a century ago.

  4. Oh my, "ponytail bit". If only they knew ...
    Since I keep my hair growing, too, I have plenty of reasons to think of you everyday. :-)
    It is like a miracle: why the hair at the front, around the ears never manages to catch up with the hair in the back.

    I am curious, what the new haircut will look like. Would it be appropriate to wish you good look - eh - good luck?

  5. I began letting my hair grow last autumn. Sometimes it is easier because I can do the ponytail thing when necessary. Please show us the new "do". Enjoy your weekend. Bonnie

  6. Photo coming up, Bonnie - but I'm not a happy bunny!