Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Things on the bed - not wellies, not a raincoat, no waterproof hat or woollen socks, I've been living with all of that for far too many months. I'm sick to death of heavy rain so I'm bunging a few things in a suitcase  and I'm off to search out the sun. I hope I'll find it!


  1. Very nice sandals, are those Hush puppies? (I tried to read the label printed on the shoe).

    Bronze your feet and enjoy the well deserved sunshine!

    1. Yes, they are Hush Puppies and blissfully comfortable. I have feet like tug boats, wide and squat, and these are just the right shape for me. Because they have an ankle strap I don't walk out of them as I do in ballet flats.
      (The feet are now bronzed, thanks to the sun!)