Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Tee shirts

My usual clothes for working in the garden are tee shirt and jeans but I wore this outfit to visit friends because we were going to hear all about their recent holiday in Cuba. We had lent them guide books and been very enthusiastic about our time in Havana last December, so we were hoping that our various recommendations had been helpful.
There wasn't much for a tourist to buy in Cuba, apart from Che Guevara tee shirts!
Do you see the little star on his beret? I keep thinking that it's a bit of fluff or a crumb and try to brush it off!
Friends and family came last weekend.
Do you talk with your hands?
I'm quite a well-behaved listener
but once I start talking my hands are all over the place.
Don't ask me what I was talking about because I haven't the faintest idea!
I have several inexpensive white tees - they are good on their own and can also be jazzed up a bit with a chunky necklace.


  1. I wish that we in America could visit Cuba. It makes no sense to me why what happened over 50 years ago still prevents US citizens from touring a country so near our shores.

    1. This is such an interesting comment and I agree with you. We had a fascinating and thought-provoking trip and have rarely spent so much time discussing the politics of a country whilst on holiday. Things are changing, albeit slowly. Havana is a visual feast, and as my blog testifies, I took an enormous number of photos of the magnificent, but ruined buildings - and the American cars!

  2. Hasta la victoria siempre! Or so comrade Che used to say (apparently).
    I used to wear tee shirts all the time. Recently not so much but I can't resist a good tee when I see it!
    Thank you for stopping by my page, I'm always happy to see new faces stopping by!

    1. Dear Mrs D, now that I've found you I shall keep stopping by!
      Tee shirts are my work wear, great for slobbing about. I don't usually wear them for going out because mostly I feel that a tee is just a tee. But perhaps a tee with a slogan is something else?

  3. I love your Cuba T and your hanging-out pose. A man told me once that I remind him of Che Guevara. Um, I think it was supposed to be a compliment? I talk with my hands, sometimes they even talk without my mouth. Nothing like a neat white T, I agree.

    1. That man was obviously referring to your beret wearing and charismatic personality. (Che was quite the poster boy but I don't think he ever carried a handbag!)
      Just knew that you'd talk with your hands.

  4. You have the best hair cut in the world.It goes so well with that Che Guevara t- shirt, yeahhhhhhhhhhh
    I shall aks fo my daughter´s help to try the decoupage, lol