Saturday, 23 March 2013


I love the word, 'undress', as seen in last weekend's exhibition for Elizabethan casual wear. My entire collection of clothes could be described as undress; comfortable, unboned, fairly unstructured items. This jacket is from the '70's.  I made it from a pre-cut kit, the name of the supplier long forgotten. The fabric is a quilted, soft brushed-cotton in reversible Liberty patterns.
But no fabric was supplied for pockets on the flowered side!
I would oh, so happily swap it for the undress jacket in the exhibition!


  1. The jacket in the exhibit is beautiful; your jacket seems much easier to wear. I like that it is reversible. Always good to see you.

    1. Easier to wear, easier to wash - but I would still swap it for the one in the exhibition!

  2. I love this. I for some reason have this penchant for anything reversible.

    But the prints are fab. Liberty is just so consistent.

    Suits you too...

  3. There is something very comforting about Liberty prints.