Monday, 29 October 2012


White looks wonderful under a bright blue sky.
This small church is in the grounds of the hotel where we stayed last week.
It is used by guests who have come to the hotel to be married.
Our bedroom looked as though it was expecting honeymooners
with a round bed and robes with a message!
Ah, well, I tried to make myself at home.

At the beach
I found a bride and groom.
Now, call me old-fashioned but doesn't a white wedding dress signify something? 
Has nobody told the designer?
"Leaves nothing to the imagination," said Himself.

I keep some clothes just for holidays in the sun and many of them are white. In England white is often a cold colour, blue or grey in tone, but in strong sunlight it transforms. I have a few simple, inexpensive, easy to pack pieces;
a shift dress from M&S

and an M&S beaded fine cotton caftan.
A linen skirt from Benetton with two good pockets and an elasticated waist, great for pulling on after a swim. I wore it last Monday for Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style with an old t-shirt and even older, battered espadrilles.
You can see how cold white becomes in England, even on a sunny day. (One crumpled skirt, just pulled out of the case after seeing a lot of beach life and lolling about!)

And, of course, that holiday essential, a white bikini.
I'm looking a little bit white today because I was up all night dancing at Tess Kincaid's virtual ball

What a hostess! Possibly overgenerous with the absinthe, but that's poets for you.
It turned me only slightly green!


  1. Replies
    1. Ah, perhaps that's why I wear white on holiday - to show off a bit of a tan! The warmth and bright sunshine was soooo welcome!

  2. You look fabulous! I hope you wore something fabulous to the ball. I do love the white against the bright blue skies.

    1. The pleasure of a 'virtual' ball is that it requires no effort whatsoever, although I did don a mask! The illustration on the 'having a ball' post is of our elder daughter in one of my mother's dresses from the 50's. It's a black lace Susan Small dress and I have it in my wardrobe.

  3. Nothing like crisp white at the sea. I am laughing at Himself's comment! Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday, you look fabulous.

    1. It's always nice to join you at Visible Monday, Patti, although this time I was a week out of date!

  4. Wow - you certainly wear a bikini! I love that blue, blue, blue, blue, blue sky with the white, white, white, white buildings. I was never a wedding dress kind of gal, so...

    1. Body in a bikini seen only at a distance you'll note!