Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas jumpers

This season's must-have fashion item has been any Christmas jumper sporting a suitably festive image, the larger and brighter the better.  None of us has such a thing but we did the best we could and  we were amused to find that we had each chosen to wear a sparkly woolly.
Here we are crammed on the sofa to demonstrate our sparkliness!
Wee One's is from French Connection
and mine is a Perry Ellis.
I added a couple of brooches, an enamel and fabric heart that Janet had made and a fymo snowman made by Big Sister many moons ago. This cardi started out with sequins all around the collar but they were a bit too much so I unpicked them.
There's only so much bling that I can take!


  1. Everybody loves a group of sparkly girls!!!

    1. Girls?!! Oh, thank you for that, Connie! I think that only Wee One qualifies, her big sister is about to be 41 and Janet and I are both pensionable - but we shall be celebrating like 'girls' tonight nonetheless.
      Happy New Year.