Monday, 30 October 2017


Our friends' band was playing at a street market event on Sunday and we went along as rent-a -crowd. The forecast had been for very cold weather but at first the sun shone and kept us warm. The market was set among the former farm buildings of a medieval farmhouse. The church bells gave some stiff competition to the band that preceded ours!

There was a halloween flavour to the event
with lots of unhealthy-looking food to tempt the children.
Chocolate skull, anyone?

The children were suitably dressed.
Count Dracula?
A hungry elf tucking into a pie.
This little devil
had a wonderful time

dancing to the band.

When the sun went in we felt chilled to the bone!


  1. Everybody is all bundled up from the cold but is does look like a fun festival. I love that pumpkin.

    1. It was certainly chilly - and will be even more so tomorrow for the pre-Christmas bash. Let's hope they'll be serving some warming mulled wine!

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