Monday, 21 August 2017

At the weekend

We had various bits of shopping to do; a glass window panel to collect that is to replace one that has become fogged and some red paint for the highchair that Himself is sprucing up ready for the new occupant. These are the sort of small faffing-about tasks that are satisfying once they have been completed. We've discovered that an early start on Saturday morning is good because the roads and car parks are quiet, the weekday workers are still at home enjoying a bit of a lie-in and a leisurely breakfast.
The highchair is Swedish and it's first occupier is now forty-six years old.  Her brother and her own children have also put it to good use over the years - some repairs were necessary! But it is a great design, it functions as a highchair
and also, by folding the hinges, as a play table.
With the glass and paint collected we were heading for home when posters reminded me that Carter's steam fair had been in town for several weeks and this was the last weekend before they packed up and moved on. They had set up camp in the park.
All was quiet, many of the rides were in covers,
the fairground workers asleep in their smart, liveried caravans.

Everything strangely silent,

the chair-o-plane seats barely moving  in the breeze.
Only the flags were flying.

The artwork fascinates me.

These designs must be passed on from generation to generation.
And what small child wouldn't want to ride in one of these cars!

It was quite ghostly to wander around on my own in the silence. It will have been very different at night with the lights and noise and the steam fair music!


  1. Those are the fairground rides of my childhood. The only thing I didn't see above was a Coconut Shy. I was never happy until I'd won my coconut!

    1. My brother always had a bash at the coconut shy - I seem to remember that they didn't always taste too fresh when you'd won one!