Thursday, 6 April 2017

Free the streets

Every first Sunday in the month the town of Frome closes the streets to traffic and holds an artisan market. It has become a great success, so much so that people come from miles around, music plays and the town takes on a party atmosphere. I've noticed that the nature of the stalls has changed somewhat  over the years as the the crowds have become more dense.
It used to be mainly craft, 'vintage' clothing and bric-a-brac but food has now become a big feature of the event and, my, it does look tempting! The bakemonger is one of my favourite stalls. She is a wonderfully creative cake designer. Do take a look at her site, to see what lovely things she makes.

Quite apart from the goods for sale it's a great place for people watching. This stall holder was busy tying on one of the headscarves that she was selling when I first spotted her.
Socks and a yellow satchel!
And this little girl had obviously chosen her outfit with care.

What did we buy?
I bought these tiny, tinny jelly moulds. from a stall specialising in '50's goods. They were 50p a pop! When I got home and washed them I noticed the stamp on one of the rims. 'With the compliments of the makers of Chiver's jellies.' They had obviously been given away free with every packet of Chivers jelly.
Himself bought a good sized chunk of Cheddar from one of his favourite makers.
We walked back to our car beside the allotments and I had a peek to see what everyone was up to.
Lots of activity and some good raised beds.
Time to get back to my own plot!


  1. Thanks for your peek at an English Spring. We have none here in south Texas. It goes from dormant to Summer in a nano-second!

  2. Spring and autumn can be the most delightful times of year in England when the days are mild. Last Sunday was spring at its finest so everyone was out enjoying the day. (Still in tights and cardis however!)

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