Monday, 25 April 2016

Private View, Bath Society of Artists.

On Friday evening we went to the private view at the Victoria Gallery where Himself has a couple of paintings on display. His, 'Enter, Stage Left' is the red painting centred below.
It's interesting to see work out of the workroom. It's one of his larger paintings, but the scale is seen quite differently when set against the artwork of others.

It's always a lively evening and a bit of a squash at the private view. Kaffe Fassat, the fabric designer, gave the opening speech but I was at the back of the room and although I could hear what he was saying I didn't catch a glimpse of him.
It's a good occasion for bumping into friends, having a catch-up and seeing where their work has been hung. The little black painting top left, below,  'Out of the Picture' is another piece by Himself.

Our friend, Steve Jacobson, has a couple of paintings on display. Top left below is his,
'No Show Without Punch.'

I love the work of this year's featured artist,
her very ethereal graphite studies
and the large and powerful resulting paintings.
This beautiful painting by David Inshaw, the current president, has been bought by the gallery.
I took a photo of David next to his painting - it's a bit lopsided, but, hey, that's what happens when people make me laugh! 
I'm going back to take a proper look around when the gallery is not so crowded.

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  1. Oh, I wish I could have seen your husband's pictures close up.

    It looks like a fun and interesting evening.