Friday, 29 January 2016

Skywatch under glass

We had afternoon tea under glass yesterday inside one of those fabulous structures that the Victorians built to shelter their precious plants. From the height of this one  I imagine that it was built as a palm house.

We came here after the memorial service for our sports-mad cousin held in the nearby church - a small and charming country building but bone cold. We were far warmer in the palm house!
His cricket bat and cap had been set out in the church.
The grandchildren's flowers displayed another of his enthusiasms, his Jaguar car.
On the back of the order of service card there was a childhood photo that made us smile; regulation school mackintosh, cap and a home-knitted scarf.  The photo that had been stuck on his cap is of his Uncle Harry who played rugby league for Great Britain. The occasion was Harry's benefit match at the end of his playing career.
Michael was his biggest fan.