Sunday, 2 August 2015

Guess who

Guess who's come to live next door! One excited neighbour shows me a little scrap of white fluff.
She's tiny, and shivery, obviously lonely away from her brothers. (I'm not talking about the neighbour!)
Next morning my neighbour is up at five. At nine she's out of the door and driving down the road and a short while later returns ......with a brother!
Well, it's all fun and games now.
Although when you've eaten a big meal
it's very hard
to stay


  1. Aww, maybe you will have a new visitor to your garden soon.

    I have a new kitten also and my life has become much busier and I smile more. Joy comes in small packages.

    1. So pleased to learn that a 'small package' has arrived in your house and is giving you joy - the two next door are keeping me amused with their antics, lots of play fighting and astonishing climbing from such tiny tots!

  2. There is nothing so heart-warming as a kitten! Who couldn't smile when seeing one? Thank you for these photos. I'm the same way with big meals, but nearly so cute!

  3. Hope your stomach isn't quite so dangerously swollen after a large meal as the kittens' - they just turn into a belly on legs!