Wednesday, 10 June 2015

London life

As soon as we were back from holiday I had to go to London for a health check, staying overnight with our elder daughter. Her rooftop garden is the size of a postage stamp with little room for extravagant planting
but cut flowers are abundant in every room,
sitting room
and bedroom.
In the evening we went to a pop-up restaurant in Harrods, gawping at their lovely window displays 

and the cars like pieces of bling jewellery that were parked outside!
What did we eat? Here's the menu.

At the end of the meal the chef came and joined us at the table for question and answer. I was amused to hear him describe his treatment of the charred runner beans as 'rather feral'!
For the following day my daughter had arranged her work so that we could spend some time together. What a treat! We walked across the bridge from St Paul's to see the Sonia Delaunay exhibition at Tate Modern.

See how small Shakespeare's Globe Theatre looks dwarfed by the modern buildings around it.  

The London skyline is changing all the time. I like the nicknames that the new structures are given. Can you spot 'the cheese grater'?
Once in the gallery space the views of London were still getting plenty of attention
although the children were busy being creative.
After quite a bit of culture is was a 'spoil mother' afternoon. Oh, YES! I was taken for afternoon tea at Claridge's. Beautiful flower displays were arranged at either side of the entranceway.
Just how I would like my borders to look at home!

Then it was down to the business of sandwiches washed down with a glass of pink fizz before the serious ceremony of tea pouring got underway.
I passed on the warm scones because I'd spotted the cakes on another table
and I was jolly pleased that I had.
(But, do you know, they packed them in a little carton for me to take home!)
Oh, this sort of London life suits me quite well!


  1. London at its best! Looks like a lovely day inseed

    1. Yes, I've always enjoyed London and found it a stimulating place. I was a student there in the '60's and then worked for a central London agent until my retirement. These days, although I still love to visit, it exhausts me and I'm happy to return to the quiet of home!

  2. You've just gotta do it it! Fabulous, 'feasty', delicious, extravagant, beautiful and horticultural, what more is there to like?

    1. Yes, it was very special. The best bit? Just having my daughter all to myself for a while!

  3. Wow, I want to get to know your daughter! She royally spoiled you:) And I love her rooftop garden!

    1. She's definitely worth knowing, (But I'm a little bit biased!)