Monday, 25 August 2014

Bank holiday

It's Bank Holiday Monday and as is traditional it's tipping down with rain! Never worry, we've had a lovely weekend being out and about. Today, for Patti's Visible Monday I'm happy to be skulking about indoors in comfortable old clothes.
The skirt is Liberty wool and started life with fine pleats. I bought it in a market sale and I think I paid about £5 for it. I washed it when I got home and, of course, all the pleats dropped out! I've got some shapeless but comfortable old black leggings on underneath. The black jumper is a Fenn Wright and Manson hand-me-down from elder daughter worn with an equally ancient fabric belt. The peep-toes are another fiver from George at Asda - it's a very cheap and cheerful day!
I'm wearing a coral necklace with matching stud earrings, a bright red that is described as 'shipwreck coral', rather suitable for such a wet day!
But Saturday and Sunday were mainly dry. We had a saunter round the shops, calling in at the ever fascinating 'Vintage to Vogue',
which is a treasure trove of vintage clothing and accessories with delightful and informative owners.
At the kitchen shop I bought a dainty clip-on timer. I've been searching for ages and am ridiculously pleased to have tracked one down.
After that success we went to the Fine Cheese Company for a light lunch.
Crab salad.
And because we'd left Himself at home we made a selection of English cheeses to take back for the evening meal. They have such a great choice. And I love the names!
We choose three different varieties - one had to be goat, and some delicious savoury biscuits.
We should all have dreamed ferociously that night - but we didn't!


  1. I'd love a bite of that cheese right now. I really like your Liberty print skirt, and who needs pleats after all? Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

    1. I was very disappointed at first when the pleats fell out but now I like it the way that it is. Good job, it would be a lot of hard work to iron them back in!

  2. You look lovely ... your skirt has come into its own, with or without pleats. Pretty combinations ... I have long admired your taste.
    I'm hungry right now ... awaiting my meager lunch (keeping a handle on the calories) and your photos look so good. What a beautiful looking salad and pilaf (?) ... inspiration!

    1. Aah, calories, how they add up! I'm just about to post on share my garden the naughty but extremely nice piece of tart that I bought yesterday. (We shared the one piece between us, so that's only half the calories!!)