Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Window shopping

On a dull, damp day we took the boat across the lagoon to Murano and did a bit of window shopping.
First stop was the wonderful studio and showroom of the sisters Marina and Susanna Sent, where I was lured inside by the sight of a dress made of glass.

No photography was allowed, so the images are from the current catalogue with photo credits to Francesco Barasciutti.
This year the sisters are celebrating twenty years of creative collaboration. They produce the most tempting things. Congratulations!
Elsewhere on the island glass balloons seemed to be the flavour of the month. In Nasonmoretti
I met Marta Ruz, looking very elegant in muted colours against a backdrop of brightly coloured glass.
We popped outside the shop so that I could get a better picture
and she told me that the belt was an old one of her Mom's. Ah, I know that story well! (Although nowadays it also works the other way about and I inherit things from my daughters.)
Good belt, Momma, and thank you, it was lovely to meet you, Marta.
I was bundled up in woollens and waterproofs, (blending in with the walls in Burano)
but these young Japanese tourists were not going to let a bit of rain dampen their style!
"English?" they asked us. "Ooh, Davi Beckaam!"
The shop windows in Venice were more cosily attired for autumn weather.

And this lady on the water bus was laced into a rather distinctive outfit, with trousers that looked ideal for a ride on a horse.
 I wear glasses and my current pair are utterly boring. The window display in Micromega was very tempting and I went into the shop to try some pairs on.
The only trouble was, without my own glasses on I couldn't see what I looked like with one lens round and the other one square - was it brilliant or merely very odd? The family couldn't decide. (I took that as a 'no'.)
Ah, well, it wouldn't do to look strange!
In Calle Carminati there was a lovely shoe shop, but with prices I couldn't afford. I asked the maker, Giovanna Zanella, if I could buy some of her beautifully coloured laces. Sadly the answer was no. (I asked all over the city but with no success.)
I can remember when Venice was full of small, creative shops like Giovanna's selling their hand made products.

I want them!
Wee One bought me a quirky watch -I could choose the face, any colour I wanedt, choose the strap, ditto. Mix and match. What a lot of fun. It took me ages to decide!
 Himself rather fancied dressing like the gondaliere. 
But he wasn't allowed.
And it was still shopping temptation at the airport
but I didn't succumb!


  1. Love those shoes! I do love italian handmade leather stuff.

    1. I was sure that the brown shoes with purple laces had my name on them - until I went into the shop and discovered the price! Even so, it is a pleasure to see such individual work and Giovanna was happy to be appreciated.

  2. Those Italians and their style!! A glass dress?? Wow!

    1. I think the glass dress was an art form rather than clothing. It was made of linked pieces of clear glass and looked amazing. The Sent sisters certainly have style aplenty!

  3. Oh dear. Now I have to go to Venice. Well, isn't that a pity? The shops!! The clothes!! Thank you so much for showing us how delectible everything looked. Now, if that lottery would just show up and shower me with unlimited funds. Oh yes, and a gigantic walk-in wardrobe as well, please. (And as soon as is convenient would also be appreciated!)

    Much love and drooling,

    Rosemary from www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.blogspot.com

    1. I'll hope your numbers come up, Rosemary (and if they do, buy the brown shoes for me, please!) You have to visit Venice, even if, like me, you can only afford to window shop.

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