Thursday, 13 October 2011

Midnight in Paris

We went to see the new Woody Allen film, 'Midnight in Paris' this week. It starts and ends in the rain. (It also starts and ends with a Sydney Bechet track that I used to play as a teenager. When the music began I whispered to Himself, "this is going to be good!") 
Neither of us had read any reviews and didn't know the story line, definitely an advantage.We both thought that the film was an absolute delight, with some laugh out loud moments.  Owen Wilson, as the central character, Gil, was a welcome substitute for Woody, and his relationship with his father-in-law-to-be was a hoot.
The film is visually beautiful and it has left me thinking that it has been far too long since my last trip to Paris.
On that occasion it was also raining and it seemed appropriate to buy this postcard at the Louvre.

'L'averse' by Louis-Leopold Boilly.  Louvre.

Rain doesn't stop Paris from being magical.

We stayed in a small hotel in the Marais district, wonderfully decorated. We felt as though we were in a Vuillard painting.

What did we do? Apart from shopping, do you mean?

We went to St-Germain-en-Laye to the museum 'Le Prieure', the former home of Maurice Denis., co-founder of the Nabis movement,

where I couldn't resist a postcard of this oil painting. 

'Mon chien' by Wladyslaw Slewinski.

We went to the Cluny museum to marvel at the tapestries.

And on a couple of evenings it was off to the opera house to see some marvellous ballet and to gawp at Chagall's ceiling during the intervals.

But we were always tucked up in bed before midnight!


  1. Ah! love Paris Rosemary. Our eldest son and his family lived there for 5 years, we miss our regular visits.

  2. I always wanted to see Paris, but alas.....

    That movie got very good reviews. Unfortunately it was in our theaters in the summer and we were too busy to go. It is now showing on cable and I hope to have some time to see it in the next few weeks.

  3. "Midnight in Paris" was the one movie I had hoped to see over the summer, unfortunately it came and left before I had my chance. I've been told it should translate well on the small screen via a DVD. I keep hoping soon! Bonnie

  4. Dear Rosemary, How lovely to have had family in Paris and an excuse to pop over there on a regular basis.

    Dear Starting Over, NOW is the time! You are, after all, starting over! See the film and then book your flights, (maybe taking in the south west of England while you are about it?)

    Dear Bonnie, I am sure you will enjoy the film in whatever format.