Thursday, 12 December 2019

London in December

I was in London yesterday having a catch-up with elder daughter. Half a dozen of us had a glorious girls' night out, a fashion spree with champagne and canap├ęs, followed by supper. I was the only country bumpkin there, the others are smart city working girls, (and all a great deal younger.) Now that I'm home I'm exhausted!
The Christmas decorations in central London were delicate flying angels, rather tricky to photograph before nightfall.
The Fortum and Mason shop front was decorated as an advent calendar.

I stood in the middle of the street to get the photo I wanted!
Snowflakes of light revolved around the All Saints Church entrance.
I thought that this Selfridge's window display was glorious and was amused to see, centre stage that this fabulous skirt was displayed with trainers.
Trainers! How times have changed!
Another Selfridge's window display was of a moving silver rowing boat filled with presents.
And it was just as Christmassy inside the shop.
I love tulle and bovver boots.
So many party outfits!
And all the usual stuff.
This little tree decoration interested me, a beautifully beaded poppy. When I looked on the reverse I saw that it has been made to commemorate the First World War. Too sad for me to hang on my tree.