Saturday, 21 September 2019

Exhibition at Andelli Art

This evening we went to a preview of work by artists who had studied at Leeds College of Art fifty years ago. Well of course were interested - it is where we had also studied, but rather further back than fifty years! I was particularly taken with the work of Kathy Dalwood who was exhibiting examples from her plaster bust collection. (We recalled her father from our student days. He had been a Gregory Fellow at the university and had given occasional lectures at the art school.)
Kathy beside her work.

I liked this Napoleon bust with it's pristine and delicate frills of plaster. There is a rather mad hatter quality that runs through the whole collection.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Another shirtwaister

It's definitely autumn now, with that going back to school feel in the air. I'm in a dress that is similar to ones that I wore as a school girl in the '50's. My autumn/winter school uniform was navy and white, a navy gymslip and white blouse and I've felt comfortable in those colours ever since. This navy cotton shirtwaister by Samantha Sung is a delight to wear. It is beautifully made, with attention to the smallest detail. Buttoned through and finely pleated at the waist, it opens out into a very full skirt. It can be dressed up or, as here with tatty old shoes, dressed down.
Sharing with Patti at not dead yet style.