Friday, 1 November 2019

October reading

We discussed, 'Lake Success' at our October book club last week. It had been chosen by one of the group because it promised in the reviews to be a humorous read and so many of our book choices this year had turned out to be pretty depressing. Well, this one was no different! As a reflection of modern day America it painted a very grim picture and because Britain tends to follow where America leads it made uncomfortable, and at times unpleasant, reading. (None of us plan to make a Greyhound bus journey any time soon!) Although we felt the book to be rather flawed, with a weak, unrealistic ending it did engender a really lively discussion. The 'humour' mentioned in the reviews came from a few one-liners in the Woody Allan style. 
Jeanette Winterson's re-making of, 'A Winter's Tale' I found interesting, and an obvious choice of Shakespeare's plays for her to choose given her background as an adopted child.
I enjoyed the book, especially her piece at the end of the story that analyses  the role of forgiveness and time in Shakespeare's later plays.

I have yet to finish Pat Barker's, 'The Silence of the Girls'. The book is a re-telling of the Trojan War from the female perspective. I'm loving it and  shall have to look again at 'The Iliad' which I haven't read since my school days.  The book is on loan from the travelling library, a hardback edition, nicely printed and with a good cover design and end papers, all of which adds my pleasure in reading.