Saturday, 16 December 2017

The American Museum at Christmas

We went to the American Museum in Bath today. The rooms have been decorated for Christmas in styles appropriate to the various periods. The entrance hall was filled with this tree covered with  golden ornaments and fringing.

It was the first of many lovely decorations.
A wreath with corn dollies.

This little tree was decorated with white paper quill-work. Very skilful!
And these small paper fir trees are a good idea to copy.

We went into the tavern where a small 'Puritan' posed obligingly in front of the fire.
(When we first came here in the 1960's the fire was real and gingerbread was made and sold to the visitors. Health and Safety have since put a stop to all that fun!)
Cooking utensils
and a rack of clay pipes hanging by the fire.

Light levels are low throughout all the building in order to preserve the fittings. 
This parlour is one of my favourite rooms.

The white paper chain is another simple idea to copy. I made chains with coloured paper as a child but now I think that all-white looks nicer.

Don't the iced cakes look good.

This little room is delightful.

It first started my interest in stencilling, patchwork and crochet! (And the garden, now closed for the winter, was where I fell in love with the idea of growing a herb garden.)

A doll's bed, echoing that of the child.
There's a grandfather clock in a corner of the room whose inner workings are made entirely of wood.
It's time to leave,
the museum is now closing for the winter.