Thursday, 31 May 2012

Retail therapy

Heidi and I had a nice time on holiday pootling about in the shops. The men were very patient, they waited outside in the sunshine. Heidi bought this dainty necklace and bracelet of volcanic rock beads, the necklace decorated with a silver fish design and the bracelet with a shell.
I bought a chunky necklace
and a rather weird, but warm, fleece. Here I am coming out of the shop with my half-price bargain. (It was cold in the north of the island.)
We bought shoes. Gold kid and coral suede for Heidi.
Oh, the glamour!
No competition from me. (What do you expect for eight euros!)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Flavour of the month.

On the flight out to Lanzarote I read the Sunday Telegraph. The 'Stella' magazine was featuring a Lanzarote house.
In our hotel bedroom there was a complimentary copy of this month's Spanish 'Elle' magazine.
The island is obviously flavour of the month!

We went to some of the same beaches as those featured in the magazine. In the north of the island it was cold, and, unlike the models, we didn't remove much clothing. In fact there was such a cold wind blowing that I bought this rather strange Spanish fleece from a shop in Teguise. (For sale, half price!)

We wore a whole lot less in the warmth of the south, walking over the strange, lunar landscape to the beach of Papagayo.

But when we got there we sprawled out in the most inelegant fashion. 
Where were makeup and props and the food canteen?
It's alright for some!
Now that I'm back in Blighty I'm wrapped up in a fleece once again.
Boden fleece with baggy jeans and wellingtons for Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.

Monday, 7 May 2012

One week away.

I have been away from home in search of some much-needed warmth and sunshine. If I am going on holiday for no longer than a week I like to travel only with an in-flight bag. Mine measures 15 x 18 inches and is 7 inches deep. How much does it hold? All of the below.

Monsoon cotton top and old, baggy drawstring linen crops from Land's End.
Flax linen top and black leggings
with a handy shopper.
Trusty faded pink crochet sun hat and a thin cheesecloth cover-up from Turkey, two essential items that take up no room in the case and protect me from too much sun.
Purple bikini and another cover up from In-Wear.
When I bought this white bikini the shop assistant said, "You're brave." She looked about fifty.I just smiled and said nothing. How ageist! I know that I'm an old bird but I shall wear what I like.
Beaded cotton cover-up from M&S.
M&S cotton tee-shirt.
More baggy linen crops from Land's End and a tee with a pocket from George at Asda. 
White linen dress from M&S.
Irish linen top by Exta with white leggings
and a necklace with a turquoise drop that goes well with a number of outfits.
I bought this coral necklace with an asymmetrical stone.
Phase Eight dress with rose quartz necklace. (A very forgiving dress as it stretches to any size!)
Phase Eight silk blouse with black leggings.
Boden vest and cardigan.

A variety of sandals and ballet flats. Shoes are the worst things to pack, both bulky and heavy. I'm going to make do with less in future.
I took this turquoise outfit but I didn't make use of it.
Neither did I use my beach wrap  and striped beach bag although on previous holidays they have been in daily use. I used the black evening bag each evening as it is big enough to cram with my camera.
I traveled out in my grey dress, also tights, cardigan, fleece jacket and black raincoat which I was happy to discard on arrival!
I dressed for comfort on the journey home in my baggy old pants as we wouldn't touch down until midnight. I packed some small black linen capris but they don't appear to have been photographed. Also not photographed are two other bikinis in black and brown.
The white blouse is the one from Boden that I bought in the spring. Pink cardi from Warehouse is at the ready.
For Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.